Termites Control Services

Because of their wood-eating habits, termites, often known as white ants, can do great damage to buildings and other wooden structures. Their habit of remaining concealed often results in their presence being undetected until the timbers are severely damaged and exhibit surface changes. Once termites have entered a building they do not limit themselves just to wood, also damaging paper, cloth, carpets, and other cellulosic materials.

Termites are social insects and live in colonies. Some termites live in mounds above ground, some live in nests up telephone poles, some in the base of trees and stumps and some even live in the very timber walls of the home. In Melbourne termites nest in many places such as soil fill, old building materials under premises, cavity walls and hidden voids under buildings. They have even been found nesting in timber false floors between concrete floors in commercial high rise buildings. You can also find them under concrete slabs in patios, verandas and paths around your premises. Termites can nest in the trunk of a tree just above soil level or sometimes higher up in the fork of a branch where moisture has entered the tree causing decay. Termites can tunnel 50 to 80m from their nest to a feed site, for example from a tree 3 house blocks away to somewhere within a building.

Termites fly in the warmer summer months, normally when the humidity is higher during the evening. This is when the flying termites, known as alates take to the wing in a Nuptial flight. They swarm into the air from infested timber in the building or from an infested tree. The alates pair up after a short mating display and tunnel into the soil to start a new colony.

Often the termite flight occurs when the occupants of the house are out. On their return, they find a house full of winged insects and have no idea where they came from or what they are. Most alates are found around the edge of carpets, trying to escape towards the light. They are naturally attracted to light; however do not live for long inside the building and quickly die. Always keep a few termite alate samples to help your technician identify the exact species. Correct identification of the species is very important in making the right treatment recommendations.

An estimated 1 in 4 Australian properties are attacked by termites over their lifetime causing potentially thousands of dollars in damage. Most home insurance does not cover termite damage, which is why it is so important to protect your property from termites. Your home is your greatest investment; and by the time you see the problem it could be too late to prevent expensive structural timber damage. Termite prevention is better than cure.

Termite prevention

  • Termite Inspections, a visual inspection with a written report to Australian Standards, should preferably be performed on a yearly basis.Whether or not termites have been previously detected and/or treated, this inspection gives additional peace of mind. If termites are detected, the correct treatment options can then be applied.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections on a property you are considering purchasing will provide a thorough knowledge of all/any issues, before you take the final step.
  • Pre-Construction Termite Treatments form a barrier which cannot be penetrated. We have a poisoned plastic treatment that can be installed prior to laying the concrete slab of a new structure. We also have a spray pre-treat option. Our experienced technicions will know the suitable treatment for each situation

Natural Pest Control technicians are skilled, experienced professionals ? they are state certified, licensed applicators and are required to participate in regular training programs to maintain their expertise. They also have respect for you, your home, your family and your time.

Natural Pest Control has a solution to assist with your termite problem today. Contact our friendly office staff to discuss your individual needs.

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