Silverfish Control Services

Silverfish are common in Melbourne homes and are mostly nocturnal, preferring quiet seldom disturbed areas. They feed on and attack clothing, paper, books, and other fabric textiles. They love starchy materials such as book bindings, paper storage, photos, glue, sugar, hair, dandruff and dirt. Also damaging tapestries, wool clothing, cotton,linen, silk and synthetic fibres.

Apart from these cases, the damage caused by silverfish is negligible, and they have no direct effect on human health beyond psychological distress to people who dislike them.

In buildings, silverfish can only exist in sufficiently humid, crevice-rich environments. If these two conditions are removed, the silverfish will not be able to survive. Therefore they are common in wardrobes, bookshelves and bathrooms, living for up to 3 years in the right conditions.

How to prevent silverfish

  • Silverfish love damp humid environments - keep areas well ventilated.
  • Good housekeeping and cleanliness ? very important in silverfish control.
  • How to eliminate silverfish

    There are do-it-yourself products available for silverfish, however effective control requires a professional pest control service to gain control and prevent recurrence.

    Many homeowners struggle with do it yourself silverfish control and the results are often less than satisfactory. Small problems can develop into large ones and this is when many people seek out the services of a pest control professional.

    Natural Pest Control technicians are skilled, experienced professionals ? they are state certified, licensed applicators and are required to participate in regular training programs to maintain their expertise. They also have respect for you, your home, your family and your time.

    Natural Pest Control has a solution to eliminate your silverfish problem today. Contact our friendly office staff to discuss your individual needs.

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